no waste
Got any left over bread? How about some delicious French toast? The ideal bread for breakfast or brunch. Add seasonal fruit, maple syrup and ice cream and it will be the best-selling recipe on your menu!
Preparation : 15 min
Prepare the ingredients:
- Combine the milk, the eggs, the sugar, and the vanilla.
- Slice the bread.
- Soak the bread in the milk and eggs mixture, in a flat recipient.
- Cover with film and reserve in the refrigerator until required.
Dressing : 10 min
1. Sprinkle both sides of the bread with brown sugar and fry with a little butter in a pan over low heat.
2. Serve hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and red fruit.
Chef's tip
Tip 1: Replace the sugar with 200 g of agave syrup.

Tip 2: As part of a breakfast buffet, it can be kept in a covered, heated tray.

TIP 3: Bake at 165°C in a non-stick baking tray instead of frying in butter.